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Staff Schedules is a complete multifunctional application. More specifically, expenses offer:

  • Recording of expenses by each employee of your company.

  • Illustration of aggregate results.

  • Combination with kilometer recording (not Real Data).

  • Cost savings.

  • Faster intersection of data with other sources of output e.g. Gasoline cards.

  • Ability to record kilometers according to the tax code, so that senior executives, and possibly in the future all employees who use a company car, confirm its use for business purposes.

  • Highlight routes on maps and automatically calculate kilometers.

  • Highlighting information for each employee of total travel costs.

  • Ability to control, per person, per car and per time period, the individual expenses, both aggregate and analytical and at the same time drawing conclusions such as:

    • Average gasoline consumption between cars that have the same characteristics, in favor of normalizing the existence of extreme prices.

    • Identify the expense that causes greater resource consumption.

    • Statistical analysis by time period, with the aim of forecasting expenditures for the coming years.

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